Manage Notifications

Receiving Notifications

In order to receive notifications for a service, you must be assigned to that service.

For example, if you want to receive notifications for Managed Detection and Response, you must be assigned as a team member to that service.

See Add Users to a Service for instructions.

All of your notifications will live in the Notification Center, which will indicate unread notifications in the badge number.

Notification center

You can mark any notification as read or unread.

Marking notifications

Click View to be brought to that specific form on which the Rapid7 Team commented.

What Generates Notifications?

Once you are assigned to a specific service, you will receive notifications when the Rapid7 Team:

  • Uploads a document
  • Uploads a report (this will also generate an email)
  • Adds a form
  • Uploads a Statement of Work
  • Changes an Onboarding step
  • Designates a Rapid7 as a member of your service team
  • Marks a step of an onboarding phase as complete
  • Comments on forms (this will also generate an email)