Report Deliverables

With your MDR service, you’ll receive various report deliverables uploaded to your Rapid7 Services Portal delivered via the secure file transfer system. Newest reports automatically sort to the top.

You'll receive different types of reports & notifications with Managed Detection and Response. Reports are shown below and listed on the appendix to the right. The MDR notifications page contains information on the various types of alerts you will receive.

Monthly Service Reports

Provides metrics and context about threat detection and incident response activities conducted in the previous month, along with information about the health of detection and response controls in your environment.

MDR Service Report Example

Examples of the Monthly Service Reports

Please see the links below for the MDR Essentials & MDR Elite Service Report. The Elite report additions include a cloud section, Remote Access section, as well as a section for pulling PUP information (Potentially unwanted programs).

MDR Essentials Service Report Example

MDR Elite Service Report Example

Report Walkthrough

Below is a video overview of the Service Report. One of our Managed Detection & Response Customer Advisors breaks down each section in details to make it easy to understand the details in the report.

Incident Response Reports

This report details all incident management activities, key findings, the timeline of attacker activity, and recommended corrective actions to prevent the likelihood of recurrence and/or improve your ability to detect and respond to similar incidents in the future.

MDR Incident Report Example

Incident Report Example

Security Posture Assessment Report

Once your team has deployed the Insight Agent to 80% or more of the endpoints in your in-scope environment, a Security Posture Assessment will be performed to identify active or historic compromises or potential avenues for future breaches. The report will also include prioritized remediation and mitigation recommendations.

If the Security Posture Assessment finds that there is an active compromise, the incident response process will be initiated, and you will be notified by e-mail and/or phone (depending on incident severity).

MDR Security-Posture-Assessment

Security Posture Assessment Link