Migration Guide

On July 1, 2019, Rapid7 will migrate tCell users who use https://.tcell.io/ to the Rapid7 Insight platform. tCell users will now access their application by logging in through the Rapid7 Insight platform. Starting July 1, all data will populate on the Rapid7 Insight platform.

Migration Benefits

Migration to the Insight platform offers a variety of authentication settings, including:

Key Things to Know About the Migration

  • There will be no data interruption. You can still log into https://.tcell.io/, but there will be no data updates, since it is now populating in the Insight platform, and should be treated as read-only. Any data from before July 1st will stay in tCell.io for 30 days. After July 1st, your data will be archived per tCell retention policies.
  • An Insight platform activation email will be sent to the primary contact of each organization. This individual will need to create and activate an Insight account.
  • After creating an Insight account, the primary account holder will need to add users.
  • Before July 1st, you will need to allowlist IPs and recreate the API keys used for scripts and integrations, but not agent keys. Do not create API keys on https://.tcell.io/, as they will not work in the Insight platform.


    If you have rules that block outbound connections and require an IP allowlist to allow traffic, you need to allowlist before July 1st, 2019, otherwise you run the risk of losing data.

  • On August 1, 2019, https://.tcell.io/ will be retired. Any remaining data will be aged out and archived per tCell retention policies.
  • For more migration information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Contact Rapid7 support immediately if you need more guidance.

Migration Overview

This guide will walk you through creating an Insight account and getting tCell up and running on the Insight platform.

Here’s a high-level overview:

  1. Create and activate an Insight account.
  2. Add other tCell users to the Insight platform, since they will not be automatically migrated.)
  3. Allowlist Insight platform URLs.
  4. Generate and update new API keys for integration clients.


Agent (both Server and JSAgent) API keys are automatically migrated.

Create and Activate an Insight Account

To log in to the Insight platform, you will need an Insight account. Choose the option that describes you:

Log in to the Insight Platform

If you already use other Rapid7 Insight products and have an Insight account:

  1. Go to https://insight.rapid7.com and log in with your Insight credentials.
  2. Click on the tCell tile on your products page to access tCell.


Only the primary tCell user will get an email to create an Insight platform account. Once the primary user makes an account, the user will add other users to the Insight platform.

Activate an Insight Platform Account

Follow the instructions in the Insight platform account email:

  1. The wizard will guide you through the steps of creating and activating your account.
  2. After activation, open the Insight platform.
  3. Click on the tCell tile to open tCell.

Add More Accounts to the Insight Platform

After accessing tCell on the Insight platform, you can add additional tCell users to the Insight platform. See our Add Users to the Insight Platform help doc.

Allowlist IPs to the Insight Platform

You’ll need to allowlist your URLs to the Insight platform. See our IPs to allow help doc.

Generate and Update New API Keys

Lastly, you’ll need to create new API keys for any integration clients, like Splunk or a custom script or service that uses the tCell API.


Do not create API keys on https://.tcell.io/, as they will not work in the Insight platform.

Generate New API Keys

To generate a user key:

  1. Log in to your Insight platform account.
  2. On the “Platform Home” page, click the key icon, which is the “API Key” page.
  3. On the “API Key” page, select New User Key in the left hand navigation.
  4. Click the New User Key button.
  5. When the “Generate New Organization Key” panel appears, select the organization linked to tCell.
  6. Provide a name for the key, which will inherit the permissions from the user account that created the key, since they are both linked together.
  7. Click Generate to make a new key.
  8. Copy the key that appears in the “Copy Your API Key” window that appears.


    Keep the key in a safe place. After closing the “Copy Your API Key” window, you will not see the key again. If you lose the key, you will have to recreate it again.

  9. Click Done.

Update API Keys

After creating new API keys, you will need to update your API clients accordingly, as that the header names are different on the Insight platform.

Here’s the new header name: X-API-Key

For example, if the value is “api key,” the new header name would look like this: X-API-Key:<api-key>

You can test your APIs before calling them in your applications. See our [How to test API endpoints] tutorial.

Update API Calls to the New Base URLs

The new base URL for our API is https://us.api.insight.rapid7.com/tcell/. Use the new base URL for your API calls instead of https://api.tcell.io/customer/.

Need Help?

If you need help or have questions about the migration, contact Rapid7 Support or your customer success manager.