Configure user-specific feeds that send data over TAXII in the STIX v1.x or v2.x format.

If this feed is available as a private feed, you will benefit more by configuring and enabling it from the Private feeds section.

If the feed requires credentials, you will need to enter them in the following procedure.

To add a feed:

  1. From the main menu, choose TIP > Sources.
  2. From the STIX/TAXII Feeds list, click Add Feed.
    temporary placeholder
  3. In the Add feed dialog box, enter the following:
    1. Type a unique name.
    2. Type the feed URL.
      • For STIX v1.x, type the TAXII URL.
      • For STIX v2.x, type the Host URL.
    3. Select the level of confidence to assign for IOCs from this feed.
      In the figure above, Medium confidence is selected.
    4. (Optional) If the feed requires credentials, select I have credentials for this feed, then type the username and password.
    5. (Optional) If the feed requires credentials, click Test Credentials.
      The credentials are validated.
    6. Click Next.
      The available collections are displayed.
    7. Select all or some of the collections, then click Finish.

The feed is added to the STIX/TAXII  section of the TIP Sources page.