Add the CrowdStrike Feed

Configure the CrowdStrike feed to be used as a source for Threat Command.

To add the CrowdStrike feed to Threat Command:

  1. Configure CrowdStrike:
    1. From CrowdStrike, open the Support > API Clients and Keys window.
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    2. On the desired Oauth2 API client, click Edit (step A).
    3. Ensure that Read  is selected for Falcon X (indicators).
    4. Copy the Base URL (step B).
  2. Configure Threat Command feed:
    1. From the TIP > Sources page, click CrowdStrike.
      The feed configuration is displayed.
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    2. Type the Client ID, Secret, and Base URL (from the previous step).
    3. Click Save, then Test Credentials.
    4. Enable the feed.