Configure Customers

The Customers page enables the managed security service provider (MSSP) to configure customers and customer users. The page is available only for Multi-Tenant Threat Management (MTTM) accounts.

An MTTM account can manage customers (tenants) and their users, as well as assign their own internal team members to manage their customers.

Use the Settings > Customers  page to create and configure customers, assign users to them, and configure SSO. You can also use this page to create users on-the-fly.

Customer details can include:

  • Properties - User and sales representative details, assigned users, and more.
  • Subscription - Subscription level, allocated modules, and other limits.
  • Authentication - SSO setup.

Create a customer

An MTTM account can create a new customer.

To create a customer:

  1. From the Settings > Customers page, click Add New Customer.
  2. Enter the customer details.
    Some details are mandatory.
  3. (Optional) You can enter the modules for which this customer is enabled as well as the credits, user, and asset limits.
  4. Click Add Customer.

The customer is added to the current list of customers. To delete a customer, see Delete a customer.

Assign users, configure SSO, and edit a current customer

Once a customer has been defined, you can add users to the customer, delete a customer, and change their other definitions.

To assign users, configure SSO, and edit customer information:

  1. From the Settings > Customers  page, select an existing customer.
  2. (Optional) You can perform the following actions:
To accomplish thisDo this
Assign users to the customerOn the Properties tab, select users to assign.
Configure SSO optionsClick the Authentication tab and make desired changes. For more information about SSO options, see Authentication Options.
Make other changesSelect a tab and make changes.
  1. Click Save.

To create users on the fly:

  1. From the Settings > Customers  page, select an existing customer.
  2. From the Users tab, clickAdd New User.
  3. Add the new user information, then click Add New User.
    The new user cannot be added to the customer until they have registered.

Delete a customer

An MTTM account can delete an existing customer. When you delete a customer, their users are also deleted. You can select whether to notify the users of the deletion.

To delete a customer:

  1. From the Settings > Customers  page, select an existing customer.
  2. Click Delete Customer.
  3. Select whether to notify the customer's users.
  4. Confirm the deletion.

The customer and its users are deleted.

Remove a user from a customer

An MTTM account can remove a customer's active user. The user is not deleted, but is no longer active for that customer.

To delete a customer's user:

  1. From the Settings > Customers  page, select an existing customer.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Hover over the user to delete.
    The temporary placeholder is displayed.
  4. Click the icon.

The user is deleted from that customer.