Exclude Irrelevant Domains

If there are suspected phishing domains for which you do not want alerts to be created, for example, they are irrelevant or "noisy," you can exclude those source URLs from triggering alerts from the alert header.

You can also exclude domains from the Phishing Domains page of the Alert Profiler, and you can use that page to view and update the list of excluded domains. For more information, see Manage Excluded Domains.

To exclude a domain from the alert header:

  1. From the Alerts list, select a Phishing Domain alert.
  2. From the Alert header, click temporary placeholder.
    The domain is excluded and will not trigger phishing domain alerts.
  3. To restore the domain monitoring, click temporary placeholder.
    The domain will now return to normal monitoring.

You can see the list of excluded domains, exclude more domains, and remove domains from being excluded in Manage Excluded Domains.