Preparing for Remediation

Before requesting takedown remediation, you must enter company details. Some remediation require an upload of Letters of Authorization (LOA) and trademarks, too. This is done with the Configurations > Remediation tab. Rapid7 cannot request a takedown on your behalf without proper authorization.

Enter company details

You must enter company details before requesting a takedown remediation. The Remediate  option will not be available until this step is completed.

To enter company details:

  1. Select Configurations > Remediation.
  2. Click Company Details
    temporary placeholder
  3. Type complete company details.
  4. Click Save.

Upload trademarks

To take down malicious indicators that infringe on your trademarks, you must provide trademark information.

Before you begin, ensure that you have a PDF of the relevant trademark.

To upload trademarks:

  1. Select Configurations > Remediation.

  2. Hover over the temporary placeholder, then click T
    temporary placeholder 

  3. Enter trademark information: 

    Registered trademarkThe trademark name, description, etc.
    Related assetsIf there is a defined asset in Threat Command that is this trademark, select it.
    CountryThe countries in which this trademark is registered.
    Registration numberThe number of the trademark registration.
    NICE ClassificationSelect how the trademark is classified in the NICE system.
  4. Attach the trademark certificate, by dragging and dropping, or click Browse  and browse to the PDF of the certificate.

  5. Click Add.

  6. (Optional) You can add additional trademarks by following the preceding steps again.

  7. Click Done.
    Uploaded trademarks are displayed in the Remediations  tab of the Configurations page.

Upload a letter of authorization (LOA)

An LOA authorizes Rapid7 to act on the behalf of your company, and it is a legal document. It is recommended to have this document prepared in advance and ready as a PDF, so you can upload it. LOAs must be signed, or they will not be accepted.

There is a sample LOA template in the LOA upload form.

To upload a letter of authorization:

  1. Select Configurations > Remediation.
  2. Hover over the temporary placeholder, then click L
    temporary placeholder 
  3. Drag and drop a prepared LOA PDF or browse to it. 
    If you have not prepared an LOA, you can download a sample by clicking the template link.
  4. Select all social networks for which the uploaded LOA is valid. 
    Rapid7 can only remediate for you to the social networks that you select.
  5. Click Upload.

Uploaded LOAs are displayed in the Remediation tab of the Configurations page.