Upgrade a Threat into an Alert

By definition, if a threat is not an alert, it has not passed internal Threat Command algorithm tests. You can manually upgrade a threat to an alert.

If it does pass the test later (for example, if an MX record is added to a threatening phishing site), it will be automatically elevated to an alert, and then displayed and managed in the Alerts page.

When a threat has triggered an alert, this will be indicated with an alert icon with a colored severity (for example temporary placeholder) to the left of the threat as well as a Go to alert link to its right.

You can also adjust the Alert Profiler to match your alert sensitivity requirements. For more information, see Alert Profiler.

To manually upgrade a threat:

  1. From the Threat Command > Threats page, select a threat.
  2. Click Create alert.
  3. In the Create alert dialog, select a reason to upgrade the threat:
    • Threat is suspicious
    • Threat is malicious
    • Other reason (type the reason in the dialog box)
  4. Click Create alert.

The threat is now an alert, indicated by the alert icon to its left. To open the alert details, click Go to alert. temporary placeholder