Agent Management logging - view and download Insight Agent logs

The Agent Management experience in the Insight Platform allows you to view and download logs produced by each of your deployed Insight Agents. In addition, all log collection requests are recorded in a filterable archive.

Log characteristics

Log files in Agent Management have the following characteristics:

  • You must request a log file from the agent itself before you can download it.
    • Depending on the location of the agent and its network conditions, your log collection request can take several minutes to complete.
  • You can only download the most recently collected log from the Agent Information drawer.
    • If you want to download older logs, you can do so from the Log Archive.
  • You can only request logs on a per-agent basis.
  • Logs expire after 30 days and cannot be downloaded after that period.
  • If you request a log from an agent that is currently offline, you can collect the log only after the agent comes back online.

How to download Insight Agent logs

To download the latest log for a specific agent:

  1. Browse to the desired agent record in the Agents table and click the hostname link to open the Agent Information drawer.
  2. Click the Collect logs button under the agent hostname to initiate a log request.
    • The button text changes to Requested while the log is collected.
    • If your log collection request fails, click Collect logs again to retry.
  3. After the log is collected, the Download last collected log link becomes available. Click this link to download the log file.

Log Archive

Click the Agent Log Archives tab on the Agents page to access the Log Archive table.

The Log Archive lists all log collection requests that have been initiated in Agent Management, including any ongoing or failed requests. Like the Agents table, all Log Archive columns are sortable by ascending or descending order. You can also search for a specific log request by entering a string value in the search field that matches either the agent endpoint hostname or the agent ID.

Download archived Insight Agent logs

You can download older agent logs that have not yet expired by clicking the download icon in the rightmost column of the Log Archive table.