Manage Company Settings

The Insight Platform centralizes many administrative tasks across your Insight product suite, including maintaining up-to-date company information.

Required User Permissions

Only Platform Administrator users can access and edit items on the Company Settings page.

Additional Settings

You can manage other settings from the Company Settings page as well, like user authentication settings and session timeout rule

Company profile

Company Profile details are only used by Rapid7 to ensure we have the correct details on file for your company. To update Company Profile information from the Insight Platform, go to Settings > Company Profile, then enter or update location and contact information.

Company profile tab

Company contacts

You can mark existing users as “key contacts” from the Company Settings page of the Insight Platform. These users are notified regarding escalations for significant events, such as a partial system outage.

To make a user a key contact:

  1. In the Insight Platform, go to Settings > Contacts.
  2. Click the All tab.
  3. Click the star icon in the Key Contact column for the user you want to designate as a contact.

Key contacts appear in the Key tab of the Contacts page. You can add as many key contacts as you want. To remove someone as a key contact from the Key tab, click the star icon next to their name.

Organization display names

You can create a display name, or nickname, for your organization that displays across all of your Rapid7 products and automated email communications.

To create a display name:

  1. In the Insight Platform, go to Settings > Display Names.
  2. Enter your Display Name.
  3. Click Save.

If you want to reset the display name across all of your organizations, click Reset All and your display name will return to its original format.

Platform assistance resource

Insight Platform users can request help by clicking the Contact your Platform Administrator button on the Insight Platform home page.

Contact your Platform Administrator button

By default, help requests and inquiries submitted this way are automatically sent to every Platform Administrator user at your company. You may choose to specify a company web page, email distribution list, or internal wiki page that Insight Platform users at your company should use instead.

To set a custom Platform Assistance resource:

  1. In the Insight Platform, go to Settings > Platform Assistance.
  2. Enter the Platform Assistance resource URL or email address in the Link or Distribution List field. URLs must be HTTPS.
  3. Click Save.