What is the Extension Library?

The Extension Library is your home for discovering and implementing Rapid7 Insight product extensions and integrations.

You can access The Extension Library directly at extensions.rapid7.com or by clicking on The Extension Library icon within the Insight platform. This icon is represented by three squares and a plus, and is situated on the top right of the screen.


From the home page of the Extension Library, you can filter the extensions to suit your needs.

Product filter

By using the product filter you can find extensions that are compatible with your Rapid7 Insight product(s). Once you choose a product you can further filter by extension type.


Categories allow you to filter extension by use cases that you may be interested in. For example, you could view all extensions that cover vulnerability management by choosing that filter in categories.

Extension types

There are four types of extensions:


Integrations send or exchange data between one Rapid7 Insight product and a third party product or service.

InsightConnect workflows

Workflows can be added directly to InsightConnect. They are a series of actions that execute when a specific event is triggered. Workflows help to streamline and automate your security processes.

For more details about workflows, see InsightConnect’s Help Documentation.

InsightConnect plugins

InsightConnect integrations that integrate with InsightConnect to provide specific capabilities for third party solutions.

For more details about plugins, see InsightConnect’s Help Documentation.

InsightIDR event sources

An event source is an application, appliance, server, service, or other IT asset that generates log events. These extension types will link to an event source in Insight IDR.

For more details about event sources, see InsightIDR’s Help Documentation.

Getting started with toolkits

There are a number of toolkits that contain workflows for popular InsightConnect use cases to help our customers find the right extensions, and get them started on the right path.

  1. Phishing Tackle Box
  2. Vulnerability and Remediation Toolkit
  3. Ransomware Containment Toolkit

All workflows included in these toolkits require an InsightConnect license for use. Explore InsightConnect at no cost by signing up for our 30 day free trial.