Configuring Authentication Servers

The InsightCloudSec Platform supports several authentication server types including LDAP, Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID, and SAML. Configuration for this capability is available under Administration > Identity Management > Authentication Servers. Each supported authentication server type requires slightly different configuration and is detailed on an individual page.

Just In-Time Provisioning

In addition to support for authentication where users are created and managed in InsightCloudSec, we also support authentication servers in combination with external tools (e.g. Okta for LDAP and SAML, Active Directory) for user management.

This feature helps you create and maintain users using external tools and synchronize the user data with InsightCloudSec. For details on this feature, check out our Just In-Time User Provisioning (Authentication Server Support) overview documentation.


Before getting started you will need to have:

  • A functioning InsightCloudSec Platform
  • The appropriate administrative permissions within InsightCloudSec (Org Admin or Domain Admin)
  • Any details/permissions required for your preferred setup

Requirements for each authentication server option will be provided on the individual pages.

If you have questions or issues reach out to us through the Customer Support Portal.

Authentication Server Pages

Refer to the individual pages listed below for details on configuring these as an authentication server in InsightCloudSec.