Getting Started with Access Explorer

Before getting started with the Cloud IAM Governance through Access Explorer, we recommend confirming the prerequisites available on this page.

The content here outlines some high-level requirements for using the Access Explorer and the documentation that is available for this feature. As always, if you have issues or questions, reach out to us through the Customer Support Portal.

IAM Governance - Access Explorer

The InsightCloudSec IAM Governance capability is managed through a function in the InsightCloudSec platform labelled as Access Explorer. This feature of InsightCloudSec is designed to provide governance around cloud IAM.

For ease of reference and to avoid confusion around using the term IAM (since many cloud providers use this term) we will stick to the term Access Explorer to refer to this functionality.

What Does Access Explorer Support? (Prerequisites)

Access Explorer currently supports the AWS IAM model.

General Prerequisites

  • A running instance of InsightCloudSec with Domain Admin permissions and the InsightCloudSec IAM license (contact us via the Customer Support Portal for more information)
  • At least one AWS Cloud

However, before you get started, we'd also recommend that you review the Best Practices and Limitations outlined below as well as the detailed Recommended Prerequisites provided in the Access Explorer - Setup documentation.

Best Practices and Limitations

As stated, our initial launch supports AWS and focuses on providing IAM support that resources the InsightCloudSec platform currently supports.

Access Explorer will continue to expand support and capabilities as we work with our customers to incorporate their feedback and requirements into our roadmap. If you have questions about the specifics of what we support or questions around a certain use case, reach out to us through the Customer Support Portal.

Supported IAM Features

  • Conditional Context Keys
  • Conditional Operators
  • InsightCloudSec/AWS Resource Types
  • Policy Statement Features

Summary of Information

The complete Access Explorer documentation includes high-level summary content and instructional and configuration details. A summary of the available pages and the content is as follows: