Build a Workflow

To build a workflow, think about the process you will be automating. Consider the following questions, as they will inform how you use the different step types and map your security processes:

  • What steps are involved in your current process?
  • What tools do you use?
  • What is the response and resolution process?

Build a Workflow

To find the Workflow Builder, click Add Workflow from the Workflows page and select Start From Scratch. Name the workflow in the modal on the right hand side and click Create.

Add and Configure a Trigger

Workflows can’t run without triggers! You can choose from four types: From API, From Insight Platform, From Chat Apps or From Plugins. Learn more about the types here. To configure a trigger:

  1. Choose a trigger source from the list of triggers.. If you don’t immediately see the one you need, use the search bar to find it by name.
  2. Choose a trigger included with the source. These are different for each trigger source.
  3. Name the trigger. We recommend then adding a description to help you remember how your workflow gets initiated.
  4. Review the list of outputs to make sure that’s the trigger you need.
  5. If needed, choose the credentials for the account you’d like to use with the trigger.

Add Steps

After configuring a trigger, add steps to your workflow. Add as few or as many as you need to automate your security process. To add a step:

  1. Click on a + icon where you want to insert a new step. If this is your first step in the workflow, the icon will flow from the trigger.
  2. Name the step and add a description.
  3. Choose a step type. Learn more about each option here.
  4. Configure the step as directed.
  5. Test the step to make sure its input and output are configured correctly.
  6. Click Save to publish the step to your workflow.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for every workflow step you need.

Activate the Workflow

When you’re done adding and testing steps, click Activate in the top right corner of the Workflow Builder. An active workflow listens for trigger behavior and creates new jobs when trigger conditions are met.

If you click Activate but realize you need to modify something in the workflow, don't worry! While still in Workflow Builder, click Edit in the top right-hand corner, and your will be able to edit the workflow as needed. Please note, that this changes are not immedietialy applied to the active workflow. These will be stored as Unpublied Changes, which you can publish from either Workflow Control Panel or Workflow Builder page.

Manually Run a Workflow

Active workflows will automatically run and create jobs whenever triggered.

If you need to manually run a workflow, exit to the "Active" workflow manager page and find the workflow you want to run. Click the ellipsis on the workflow card and click Run. A modal will prompt you to manually provide input to the trigger. After adding input, click Run, and the workflow will create a job using your custom input.