Every workflow begins with a trigger. Triggers listen for certain behavior and initiate workflows when the required input passes through the trigger. InsightConnect supports three different types of triggers.

API Triggers

If you'd like to send data to InsightConnect using an external application's API, you can create an API trigger. As long as the application can send JSON data, you can use it in InsightConnect! API triggers create generic REST endpoints that accept JSON objects from the application via HTTP POST. Learn how to set up an API trigger here.

Insight Platform Triggers

If you use other Insight platform products and have an orchestrator installed, you can use custom InsightConnect workflows within those products. To make these workflows available to other Insight products, they must use an Insight platform trigger. For more information, read how to set up an InsightIDR Alert Trigger or how to set up an InsightVM trigger.

Plugin Triggers

Some InsightConnect plugins include triggers. All you need to do is configure the plugin within InsightConnect.

Some plugin triggers fall under the following subcategories:

  • Timer triggers a workflow based on a schedule you define, such as every minute, hour, day, or week.
  • Mailbox triggers include Gmail, Office 365, Exchange, and IMAP.

Additional Resources

If you have further questions relating to InsightConnect, try starting a discussion in the Rapid7 Discuss community forum.

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