Cloud Plugins

Cloud Plugins are select, Rapid7-approved plugins that you can run entirely on the Rapid7 Insight Cloud instead of on an on-premises orchestrator. Running a plugin on the cloud makes your workflow run faster, and workflows that use 100% cloud-based triggers and plugins may eliminate the need to deploy an Insight Orchestrator in your network.

In this article, we cover how to:

Wondering which plugins can be run in the cloud?

See all of our plugins and workflows that are cloud-enabled on the Extension Library.

Run a plugin in the cloud

  1. Import a cloud-enabled plugin. If you already imported the plugin, update it to the latest version.
  2. Add a step to a workflow using the cloud-enabled plugin. You should see the cloud icon when selecting the plugin.
  3. On the Choose an Orchestrator step, leave the default Run in the Rapid7 Cloud option.
  4. Configure and save the plugin as you normally would!

Update a plugin to run in the cloud

If you are using a cloud-enabled plugin in an existing workflow and want to move it from running on your orchestrator to running in the cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Update the plugin to the latest version from the Plugins & Tools page.
  2. Update the workflow that the plugin is used in to use the latest version of the plugin.
  3. Edit the workflow in the Workflow Builder.
  4. Edit the step you want to run in the cloud.
  5. Page back to the Choose an Orchestrator step and choose the Cloud option instead of your orchestrator.
  6. Select Continue and Save Step.
  7. Publish the changes.

Determine where a plugin is running

If you're not sure where your plugin is set to run, you can check from the Job page. From the relevant Job page, click on the Information tab for your chosen step. The Run on field indicates whether the plugin was run in the cloud or on an orchestrator.