Connection Tests

Tests help make sure a connection’s credentials are correct and that you can successfully communicate with the plugin. Tests are automatically ran when you create or update a connection, but you can manually run tests from the “Connections” tab, found in the Settings menu under Plugins & Tools.

Tests run asynchronously, so you can continue to build and edit workflows, modify connections, and run new tests without waiting for previous tests to complete. We display connection tests in chronological order of when the test was initiated, so make sure to check any updated connections against their start times.

To run a connection test from the Connections page:

  1. Click the ellipsis button for the connection you want to test.
  2. In the dropdown menu that appears, click Retry Test.
  3. InsightConnect will close the menu and test that the credentials you provided work correctly. View the test results by clicking the ellipsis button for the same connection, and selecting View from the menu.
  4. Click the Test Status tab to view connection test history.

Review Test Results

All test history is saved in InsightConnect. You can find test results at the “Connections” tab under Settings > Plugins & Tools.

Test Status

Connection tests result in one of four states.

Success The test successfully completed, and the connection is ready for use. On the “Connections” page, this is indicated by a green circle.

Pending The test is in progress. Check back in a few minutes to see if the test has completed. This is indicated by a blue circle on the “Connections” page.

Error The test failed to connect. Review the test logs for error information. This is indicated by a red circle on the “Connections” page.

Timeout InsightConnect could not establish the connection, and the test timed out. This is indicated by a orange circle on the “Connections” page. We time out tests at 10 minutes by default.

Untested Connections

Untested connections do not have any markers on the “Connections” page. To run tests for these connections, click on “Test” in the connection’s dropdown menu.

Test Details

Each connection test includes:

  • The name of the user that initiated the test
  • The test’s runtime, in the format of minutes:seconds:milliseconds
  • The test’s start time, by date and time in minutes:seconds:milliseconds
  • Test logs

The test logs document how InsightConnect attempts to connect to the plugin with the credentials you provided. If errors occur, the logs provide error messages that you can use to troubleshoot the connection.