Connections are individual instances of credentials and other parameters needed to authenticate InsightConnect to supported integrations or plugins. Credentials can be passwords, API keys, or other sensitive information, while other connection parameters can include data like IP addresses or port numbers. Workflows cannot run successfully if connections are configured improperly.

Any Connection may be configured to run on an Insight Orchestrator, giving you direct control over the resources that store credentials and execute automation actions. These connections are known as Orchestrator Connections and may only be used with InsightConnect.

Some Connections may be configured to run on the Insight Cloud Platform, which typically improves the speed and reliability of automation actions. These connections are known as Cloud Connections. A list of Plugins with Actions that may be run on the cloud is available in the Extensions Library - Cloud Enabled Plugins.

Rapid7 Credential Manager

The credentials used in Cloud Connections are stored in Rapid7's Credential Management service, which is accessible to Platform Administrators from Platform Home.

Cloud Plugin Actions

Cloud Connections currently only support Plugin Actions. Plugin Triggers must still be run on an Orchestrator.

All Orchestrator Connections you create are available from the Connections tab under Settings > Plugins & Tools. From this page, you can filter connections by plugin type or orchestrator, edit the connections, run tests, view connection details, and see how many workflows utilize the connection.

Cloud connections can be created, viewed and edited across multiple areas of InsightConnect such as the workflow builder and Quick Actions. In the Connection step, you will see the list of Cloud Connections and have the ability to add a new one or edit existing connections.

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