SOC Automation: 90 Day Success Plan

SOC automation helps decrease time from threat detection to remediation. By automating your security operations, you can augment human skills and expertise to detect and respond to threats with super speed, which translates to big wins for your team. We’re talking about increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall team function, as well as huge returns on investment.

This guide will cover how to get the most value out of SOC Automation capabilities by leading you through key milestones to achieve in your first 90 days.

You must have licenses for InsightIDR and InsightConnect

To take advantage of SOC Automation, you will need to have access to InsightIDR and InsightConnect. Try SOC Automation for yourself with a trial at:

SOC Automation Journey

Days 1 through 15: Get Started with SOC Automation
Days 16 through 45: Link Alerts and Define Use Cases
Days 46 through 90: Customize and Activate Workflows
Supporting Resources for SOC Automation