is a cloud storage service for enterprises. You can configure a Box event source for an enterprise subscription only, not for an individual or business subscription. uses Open Authentication (OAuth) to authorize InsightIDR to collect activity logs from their servers. In order to read logs, the collector needs to be able to connect to

Collected Data

In the integration, InsightIDR polls on a regular basis for the following information:

  • "users" to map them back to domain users and tie ActiveDirectory and activity together
  • Recent "events" to pull authentication and administrative activity

In InsightIDR, you will see:

  • Ingress activity to on your "Locations" map as if the users were logging into your internal network
  • Admin activity on your "Administrators" page (typically account change activity--new account created, account deleted, etc)
  • Users who are seen doing Admin activity get a "Box admin" tag in InsightIDR
  • Several incidents might get generated:
  • Ingress from disabled account (the user is no longer part of the company but still logging into Box)
  • Harvested credentials
  • Multiple country authentications
  • Ingress from threat

If you are running InsightIDR in Firefox, be sure to enable pop-up windows before configuring a event source.

How to Configure This Event Source

In order to collect data from, you will need to authorize InsightIDR to access your administrator account during this one time set up.

To configure this event source:

  1. From your dashboard, select Data Collection on the left-hand menu.
  2. When the Data Collection page appears, click the Setup Event Source dropdown and choose Add Event Source.
  3. From the “Security Data” section, click the Cloud Services icon. The “Add Event Source” panel appears.
  4. Select your collector and select from the event source dropdown menu.
  5. Enter the name of your event source.
  6. Optionally choose to send unparsed logs.
  7. Click "Begin" to set up OAUTH and start the authorization process.
  8. A new window or tab will open for you to perform an authorization grant with Box.
  9. Login to and click Allow.
  10. Close the window/tab to return to InsightIDR.
  11. Configure your default domain.
  12. Click Save.

Connect Apps to Box

Applications use OAuth, an open source authentication standard, to connect to Box. There are also Box SDKs that include implementations of the OAuth2 grants used by Box, or client libraries available in a number of languages that you might find useful.

Read this link for more information:


If you experience issues with, refer to these steps to troubleshoot.

Error: App Disabled by Administrator

If you attempt to connect InsightIDR to but encounter an error message, you may need to allowlist InsightIDR as an application.

How to allowlist InsightIDR in Box

Before you begin, ensure you have obtained a Rapid7 API key. Then, you can follow these instructions to allowlist InsightIDR in Box:

Read for more information on this solution.