Deleting sites

To manage disk space and ensure data integrity of scan results, administrators can delete unused sites. By removing unused sites, inactive results do not distort scan results and risk posture in reports.

Assigning assets to sites

Assets must belong to at least one site in order to appear in reports. Deleting a unique asset from its site or deleting the site entirely will effectively delete the asset data from the database.

See the Site-level controls for more information.

In addition, unused sites count against your license and can prevent the addition of new sites. Regular site maintenance helps to manage your license so that you can create new sites.

Before you begin, ensure you have access to the site and have Manage Sites permission. The Delete button is hidden if you do not have permission.

To delete a site:

  1. To access the Sites panel, click the Assets icon and then click on the number of sites at the top. The Sites panel displays the sites that you can access based on your permissions.

    You cannot delete a site that is being scanned. If you attempt to delete a site mid-scan, you receive the message “Scans are still in progress. If you want to delete this site, stop all scans first”.

  2. Click the Delete button Delete button to remove a site.

When a site is deleted:

  • All reports, scan templates, and scan engines are disassociated.
  • All assets in the deleted site will also be deleted unless they are a member of at least one other site.
  • Scan results are deleted.
  • If the delete process is interrupted, then partially deleted sites will be automatically cleared.