Dec 13, 20223.8.234


  • AuthConfig. We have added the parameters TokenReplacementList and HTTPAuthExtList parameters to the AuthConfig section of Scan Config>Advanced Settings.


  • You can now view the vulnerabilities for scans which have been stopped or regenerated via the View Vulnerabilities button on the Scans page.
  • You can now correctly add an existing AD/LDAP user as a multi-client user and add a client to existing multi-client user in AppSpider Enterprise.
  • The Scans page now retains the results when filtered by the Status column when you navigate back to it.
  • An AD/LDAP user can no longer change the Timezone on their Profile page.
  • The error, ‘Email field is required’ no longer appears on AD/LDAP users’ Profile pages when the email is already present.

Other Changes

  • AppSpider Enterprise no longer supports the Defend Integration.