Sep 20, 20233.8.237


  • ScanConfig. We added the parameter RetrieveDumpsOnCrash to Scan Config > Advanced Options.
  • New attack. We added support for the new attack module 'Swagger UI (DOM based)'. You can import the attack modules from engine release to obtain this new attack module.
  • MSAL options. We added support for the new MSAL parameter 'ClientSecret' in the MSALConfig section of ScanConfig > Advanced Options > AuthConfig.


  • Scan Config. We updated the Scan Config to align with the recent AppSpider engine releases (version 7.4.55 and below).


  • We fixed an issue where a user with only the 'Scan Runner' role assigned did not have permission to run scans.
  • Scan Execution Notifications are now sent to the configured emails in the Notifications page.