Nov 28, 20227.4.048


  • WordPressSliderRevolution01. We made improvements to the vulnerability regex for the WordPressSliderRevolution01 attack (File Inclusion module) to help reduce false positives.
  • BlindSQL Injection Attacks. We made improvements to the payloads sent by BlindSQL Injection attacks that could break SQL query syntax.
  • SQL Injection Attack Module. We enhanced the SQL Injection module to exclude connection error regexes as proof for SQL Injection vulnerabilities.


  • We fixed an issue where Failed scans were showing as Completed.
  • We resolved an issue that caused report re-generation to fail within Appspider Enterprise.
  • We fixed an issue with the Session Strength Module where BitLevelPValueSummary size caused failures by removing individual cookie values from Findings.
  • BlindSQL attacks no longer stop early due to the server returning a 500 response.