Mar 23, 2023

Improved Update Controls

We updated the functionality of these Agent Management settings to give you more control over agent deployments in each of your organizations:

  • Relaxed requirements for automatic agent updates: The automatic agent update feature no longer requires that all agents in an organization be on version 2.7.0 or later to be usable. The update service can now update compatible agents as directed by this setting while ignoring incompatible agents entirely.
  • Improved agent update throttle controls: The simultaneous agent update limit enforced by this setting is now dynamic based on a throttle percentage you specify. This percentage is configurable in 5% increments up to 100%, which effectively turns off update throttling altogether.

Documentation Updates

In addition to updating our Insight Agent documentation to reflect the new functionality of both these settings, we significantly expanded on the documentation that covers agent version-locking and test sets. Check out the updated Agent Management settings article for instructions on how to version-lock your agents, start a new version history, and configure a test set using that history.