Mar 28, 20222022.03.28


  • Initiate scans in your Gitlab pipeline. You can now run InsightAppSec scans as part of your GitLab CI/CD build pipeline. Check out the Rapid7 extension library for more details.
  • Reports section. You can now review all historically generated reports across all apps in InsightAppSec in the Reports section.


  • New card in Dashboard Library. The New Vulnerabilities card is now available in the Dashboard Library, which gives a monthly overview of any new vulnerabilities discovered over a given time frame.
  • Highlight parameter in request traffic. The traffic request parameter is now highlighted to make it easier to understand how the vulnerability was generated.


  • For In public-api requests using VULNERABILITY type with the search endpoint, the pagination metadata now appears correctly.
  • You no longer need to scroll to see all Location options in the Copy Scan Config information panel.
  • The height of the Scan Information panel is now the correct size.
  • The individual enable/disable toggles in Targets are now functioning properly.
  • Vulnerability summary reports now only display vulnerabilities from selected apps, rather than all available apps.
  • In Scan Scope, you can now successfully save Crawling Restriction constraints that use a Wildcard.
  • Add App in All Apps no longer closes prematurely when a mouse click outside the wizard occurs.
  • The month pickers are now updating correctly when generating a report in All Apps.
  • The graph in the Vulnerability Remediation report now appears in the correct size when exported in HTML.