May 23, 20222022.05.23


  • Managing columns in Vulnerabilities. The Manage Columns option is now available in Vulnerabilities, so you can customize what is displayed. You can hide columns that you do not want to display, drag and drop the columns to change the order, and you can reset to the default layout.


  • Consistency of view names and left navigation names. The titles in the left navigation pane now match the titles in the overview pages.


  • Following a completed scan, the scan view findings are now loading correctly for all On-Prem users.
  • In Targets, the scan allowlist checkboxes, toggles, etc. are now working as expected.
  • When adding a seed URL to a scan config, an XXS vuln is no longer triggered. Rapid7 would like to extend our thanks to ChauUHM, AnhNH, TuanNT, and TungHT of Sacombank for their efforts in disclosing the issue to us.