Sep 26, 2023

Limited 23.9.26 Release

InsightCloudSec Limited Release This Week

Limited Release for 23.9.26

As this week includes a National Holiday for some of our Rapid7 colleagues, we will not be providing a formal 23.9.26 release. SaaS or self-hosted customers may have minor bug fixes and we may provide a limited release, but our next full release for both SaaS and self-hosted customers will be on 23.10.3. Reach out to your CSM or InsightCloudSec support with questions or concerns.

DivvyCloud Docs Site End-of-Life (EOL) Update

On August 1st, 2023, the InsightCloudSec documentation transitioned to to be with the documentation for the rest of the Rapid7 software portfolio. The old site ( will continue to exist until a near-future date but will remain static. After this date, any links to the old site will be redirected to their counterpart, so the old site will functionally not be visible publicly. However, the API reference will still be available until further notice. Visit our Getting Support page for details on contacting support for any questions or issues with the transition.