Insight Network Sensor Deployment Guide

After you review the requirements for the Insight Network Sensor, you can begin your deployment. This group of articles will guide you through the important steps of the deployment process to ensure that your installation goes smoothly.

TIP - Read these articles completely before you begin

These articles have been ordered according to the ideal sequence in which you should complete their tasks. To ensure that you are best positioned for a successful deployment, Rapid7 recommends that you read all of these articles completely before starting the installation process. For example, your chosen network sensor location may influence your network traffic source configuration and what kind of host you will need to provision, and it is better to be aware of these conditions now rather than addressing them in the middle of your installation.

Intended Audience for This Material

The deployment portion of this documentation set assumes that you are in an organizational role with the following responsibilities:

  • You are a network engineer, security engineer, or an equivalent role with a solid understanding of your environment’s network topology.
  • You are familiar with the network infrastructure components that your environment uses and the configuration options and procedures for each.
  • You are equipped to provision new physical hardware or virtual machine instances.
  • You have administrative access to configure a network traffic source on a core switch or an alternative device.

Deployment Milestones

Your network sensor deployment will consist of the following steps:



Step 1: Network Sensor Location Guidelines

Introduces the concept of network traffic convergence and provides guidelines on how you should locate one or more network sensors in your environment.

Step 2: Configure a Network Traffic Source

Choose from your network infrastructure options and configure the network traffic source that your network sensor will use.

Step 3: Provision a Network Sensor Host

Consider your chosen network sensor location to decide whether you’ll provision a physical or virtual network sensor host according to the host requirements.

Step 4: Download and Install the Network Sensor Software

Access the network sensor management experience in your Insight platform account home page to download and install the network sensor software.

Step 5: Configure Network Interface Details in the Insight Platform

Finalize the configuration of your network sensor host Network Interface Controllers (NICs) and start the network sensor.