Add or Remove Alert Tags

You can add tags to or remove tags from alerts. This enables you to classify alerts and later search for all alerts with a specific tag. When you change the tags, the change is displayed immediately in the Alerts list and the Alert header.

You can add existing tags or create tags on-the-fly.

You can add tags to a single alert or tag multiple alerts at once. You can delete tags from single alerts only.

To add or remove tags to a single alert:

  1. From the Alerts list, select an alert.
  1. To add a tag, click temporary placeholder , type the tag name, then press Enter.
  • You can make up new tags on-the-fly.
  1. To remove a tag, point to the tag, then click X.

The tags are updated.

To add tags to multiple alerts:

  1. From the Alerts list ,  select multiple alerts, as described in Perform Actions on Multiple Alerts.
  2. From the Bulk actions  toolbar click temporary placeholder then click temporary placeholder .
  3. Type the tag name.
  • You can make up new tags on-the-fly.
  1. Click Tag Alerts.