Getting Started

This set of documentation is for developing integrations (A.K.A. plugins) for the InsightConnect and legacy Komand SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) products.

Note: You can develop and test plugins, without owning the products, through our developer tools but you must have the products to orchestrate your plugins in a workflow.

Plugins that you develop can also be contributed to the Rapid7 Extension Library to be shared to the benefit of customers.

We have over 300 plugins, 270+ of which are available as open-source software on Github. Our open contribution model allows users to add and improve integrations for users.


The standalone tooling is available below through PyPi and is compatible with InsightConnect or legacy Komand.

Ensure you install the tooling in your global Python package.



The insight-plugin tooling is written purely in Python and is currently only available via PyPi. In order to use the tooling, you will need Python 3+ installed on your machine.

Python Windows Download Page

Python MacOS Download Page


Insight-Plugin PyPi page

pip install insight-plugin

See the Plugin Tooling documentation for more information on using the tools.


  1. Create Custom Plugins
  2. Plugin Development Getting Started Videos
  3. Plugin Tooling
  4. Plugin Components
  5. Plugin Spec
  6. Running Plugins
  7. SDK Guide
  8. Regenerating Plugins
  9. Style Guide
  10. Error Handling in Integrations
  11. Troubleshooting
  12. Logo
  13. Unit Test Generation
  14. Unit Test Primer
  15. API Files