Cloud Reporting

You can create, manage and view reports that are generated from cloud-based data, such as monthly Executive Summary reports, dashboard reports, or CSV reports exported from the Query Builder.

You can access these reports by expanding the navigation menu and selecting Reports > Cloud-Generated.

On the Cloud-Generated Reports page, you can filter the list of existing reports to find the ones you want to view, edit, run, or download. You can also create a range of different reports from this screen.

Report types

InsightVM cloud reporting allows you to create, manage, and share multiple types of reports.

Easy Reports

You can choose from a range of pre-formatted report templates to make report generation more convenient. You can set the scope of these reports using the Query Builder.

These templates are available:

  • Assets Dashboard
  • Containers Dashboard
  • Executive Summary
  • Exploitable Vulnerability Dashboard
  • External and Remote Workforce Assets Dashboard
  • Meltdown
  • OT/IoT Assets Dashboard
  • Patch Tuesday Dashboard
  • Petya-like Ransomware
  • RECON Dashboard for SAP NetWeaver
  • Remediations Dashboard
  • Samba
  • Significant Changes in the Last 30 Days
  • Specific Vulnerability Dashboard
  • Threat Feed Dashboard
  • Vulnerability Dashboard
  • WannaCry

Administrator access to Executive Summary Reports

Only Global Administrators can view or download historical Executive Summary reports, but they can't re-run or delete them. To request a copy of an Executive Summary report, contact your Global Administrator.

Your Dashboards

You can share your own customized dashboards as reports. A dashboard report reflects all of the data and customizations you have made to your dashboard. You can set the scope of these reports using the Query Builder.

Export as CSV

You can export large amounts of data as a CSV file, which can be downloaded or shared with stakeholders. For example, if you are a Global Administrator, you can export the results of agent-based policy assessments, including proof and remediation information.

You can control the scope of these reports using the Query Builder.

Exceptions for Agent-Based Policy assessment data

Agent-Based Policy assessment data can be exported as a CSV file, however its scope can't be defined by the Query Builder. To request a copy of this data as a CSV file, contact your Global Administrator.