Objective 2: Build a Dashboard

After your installed agents collect the necessary data on your assets, you can visualize the data with a dashboard.

In InsightVM, dashboards are fully customizable views of specialized cards that provide live monitoring of your network. You can build new dashboards based on Rapid7 templates, or start fresh by creating your own. You are in full control of which cards you see and where you see them.

InsightVM displays a default dashboard with pre-selected cards for first-time users. Additional pre-built dashboards designed for specific monitoring situations are also available.

Create Your Own Custom Dashboard

Even though the out-of-the-box dashboards provide you with immediate value, dashboards are strongest when you customize them according to your exact security needs. See the Dashboards page to learn how.

Refine Card Data

Many of the cards that populate your dashboard contain additional detail and functionality apart from their collapsed forms. Try expanding a card to get a better look at the data being represented. From this expanded view, you can explore individual records that make up the overall card data and perform queries as needed. See the Cards and Query Builder pages to learn how to use cards effectively.

Your dashboards are up and running!

You should now have a few pre-built and custom dashboards monitoring the security issues in your environment. Now that you know what you need to fix, create a Goal to track the remediation of these issues.