As you use the application to gather, view, and share security information, you may want to adjust settings of features that these operations.

Tune provides guidance on adjusting or customizing settings for scans, risk calculation, and configuration assessment.

Working with scan templates and tuning scan performance: After familiarizing yourself with different built-in scan templates, you may want to customize your own scan templates for maximum speed or accuracy in your network environment. This section provides best practices for scan tuning and guides you through the steps of creating a custom scan template.

Working with risk strategies to analyze threats: The application provides several strategies for calculating risk. This section explains how each strategy emphasizes certain characteristics, allowing you to analyze risk according to your organization’s unique security needs or objectives. It also provides guidance for changing risk strategies and supporting custom strategies.

Creating a custom policy: You can create custom configuration policies based an USGCB and FDCC policies, allowing you to check your environment for compliance with your organization’s unique configuration policies. This section guides you through configuration steps.