Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit on the number of targets for a single campaign?

The number of targets for a singular campaign is currently limited by RAM and other system resources. We are currently working on a fix to make campaigns more efficient.

Can targets be pulled from a database via API?

Yes, but not from unique campaigns. Targets can be pulled from a database in the form of target lists.

How long is campaign data stored?

Campaign data is stored until you manually deletes it.

Can specific targets from previous campaigns be selected when rescoping or retargeting?

No, target lists have to be reused in their entirety.

Why are "Opens" not being tracked properly?

Email clients rely on auto-fetching a tracking image. Some clients do not do this by default. Review and alter the settings within your email client to resolve this issue.

How many languages can I translate the campaigns into?

Language translation depends on your skill level. There are limitations regarding encoding UTF-8 email subjects and multi-purpose internet mail extensions that may affect which languages campaigns can be translated into.

What servers can I use for email?

You are able to use any server such as Yahoo or Gmail. Make sure you have the correct server information as listed in Set Up a Global SMTP Server.

Can I reuse web pages and emails?

No. However, you can create a template of reusable content and formatting that you can apply to an email or web page. To learn more about templates, see Touring the Campaign Page.

Can I use relative URLS?

You must use absolute URL paths.

Does Metasploit have a message transfer agent?

Metasploit does not provide a message transfer agent. You will need to provide Metasploit with the credentials and SMTP settings for a locally hosted mail server or an SMTP relay service.