Insight Network Sensor Overview

Network traffic monitoring is an increasingly significant security gap for organizations today. As a security practitioner looking to minimize your attack surface, you need to know of the types of network data traversing your network and how much of that data is moving: two critical areas that could indicate malicious activity in your environment.

If you subscribe to one or more Rapid7 products, you have already deployed Insight Agents, Collectors, Scan Engines, or a combination of the three to monitor your assets for vulnerabilities and user behavior. While these components are responsible for collecting data on your assets, they do not account for network traffic, which is the data moving between your assets.

To provide the network traffic visibility that you need, Rapid7 offers the Insight Network Sensor. The network sensor allows you to monitor, capture, and assess the end-to-end network traffic moving throughout your physical and virtual environment. Your Insight products can then leverage this network sensor data for their own distinct use cases.

Read the Insight Network Sensor Documentation

To help you get started with the Insight Network Sensor, Rapid7 maintains this dedicated documentation set that details general use case information, requirements, and pre- and post-deployment guidelines.



Insight Network Sensor Overview

Covers the benefits of the Insight Network Sensor, the data it collects, and how your Insight products use that data.

Insight Network Sensor Requirements

Covers all host system and network requirements that your network sensor deployment must follow.

Insight Network Sensor Deployment Guide

Covers network sensor deployment steps in order, start to finish. Read these pages to learn where to locate your sensor in your network, how to configure your network traffic source, how to provision a network sensor host, how to download and install the network sensor software, and finally, how to configure your network interface details.

After deploying your first network sensor, check out the Network Sensor Management page to learn about network sensor monitoring features and how to make any configuration changes.