Insight Agent requirements - an overview

The Insight Agent has several system, network, and security policy requirements that must be satisfied to ensure your agent deployment functions as intended. These articles cover each of these requirements in detail.

Supported operating systems

The Insight Agent supports installations on a range of Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. See the operating system support article for:

  • An explanation on how operating system support affects the functionality of the Insight Agent.
  • A comprehensive list of supported operating systems and how long they will be supported in the future.
  • A historical list of operating systems the Insight Agent no longer supports.

Network traffic and connectivity

Installed Insight Agents must be allowed to communicate with the Insight Platform in order to power your Insight products and services. See the network traffic and connectivity article for a list of all Insight Platform-related endpoints where connectivity requirements apply. In addition, this article covers common network security scenarios that may affect Insight Agent data in transit.

Endpoint protection software exclusion

Insight Agent processes must be allowed to run on your assets without triggering a response from any endpoint protection software deployed in your environment. See the endpoint protection software exclusion article for instructions on how to configure an allowlist for the Insight Agent with some known endpoint protection products.

InsightIDR asset quarantine

If you subscribe to InsightIDR and want to use the asset quarantine feature that the Insight Agent supports, your assets must be configured with additional properties beforehand. See the asset quarantine configuration article for details.