Set Up Triggers

Configure triggers with the following instructions. To learn more about triggers, visit Triggers.

Set up an API Trigger

API triggers must be configured within InsightConnect and the external application. To configure the trigger and generate the endpoint URL, follow these instructions.

Set up an InsightIDR Alert Trigger

You can integrate InsightIDR User Behavior Analytics Alerts and InsightIDR Custom Alerts with InsightConnect to automate indicator enrichment, ticketing, incident response, and much more. Read our InsightIDR Alert Trigger documentation for setup instructions.

Set up an InsightVM Events Trigger

The InsightVM Events trigger listens for webhook events from InsightVM, providing the ability to automate vulnerability management-related tasks based on changes in the environment. Read our InsightVM Events Trigger documentation for setup instructions.

Set up a Plugin Trigger

Not all plugins include triggers, and you can only use plugins that have been installed in InsightConnect. If your installed plugins include triggers, you'll see them under the "From Plugin" section in list of triggers you can use. Learn how to set them up here.