Sophos UTM

Sophos UTM is an all-in-one appliance from Sophos that can provide multiple log types.

Before You Begin

Like other Firewall and VPN parsers, you can direct all the logs from the Sophos UTM into a single event source port on the collector and all the logs are parsed from the same stream.

Using a single port is usually easy to configure, but more difficult to manage in InsightIDR during troubleshooting if there is only one event source for all of the firewalls.

  • Same Port: If you configure all the firewalls to send log data to the same port, such as UDP port 10000, then you have one event source in InsightIDR for all of the firewalls.
  • Different Ports: If you configure each firewall to send to a different, unique port, there will be separate event sources for each firewall.
  • For example: Firewall1 sends on UDP port 10001 while Firewall2 sends on UDP port 10002

After you decide how to send the different data streams, you must configure Sophos UTM to send syslog. Read about how to do so here:

Configure InsightIDR to collect data from the event source

After you complete the prerequisite steps and configure the event source to send data, you must add the event source in InsightIDR.

To configure the new event source in InsightIDR:

  1. From the left menu, go to Data Collection and click Setup Event Source > Add Event Source.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Search for Sophos Firewall in the event sources search bar.
    • In the Product Type filter, select Firewall.
  3. Select the Sophos Firewall event source tile.
  4. Choose your collector and event source. You can also name your event source if you want.
  5. Choose the timezone that matches the location of your event source logs.
  6. Optionally choose to send unparsed logs.
  7. Select an attribution source.
  8. Configure your default domain and any Advanced Event Source Settings.
  9. Select a collection method and specify a port and a protocol.
    • Optionally choose to Encrypt the event source if choosing TCP by downloading the Rapid7 Certificate.
  10. Click Save.