Objective 3: Create a Goal

With your dashboards in place, you should now have an idea of what you need to address in your environment. Now you can leverage Goals to start your remediation plan.

In InsightVM, a Goal is a long term remediation target that you can set with a desired deadline, or elect to remain active indefinitely. Use Goals to establish clear organizational security objectives for your remediation team.

Consider the following example scenarios:

  • Need to make sure that no asset is running Windows 7 by a certain date? Create a Goal for that.
  • Need to make sure that all your assets maintain a critical vulnerability count below 10% at all times? Create a goal for that too.

Using the InsightVM Query Builder and query language, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Set Your First Goal

Think about your most pressing security issue affecting your organization in a broad scope. Use this issue to create your first Goal. See the Goals page to learn how.

Add a Goal Card to Your Dashboard

Monitor your Goals by adding purpose-built Goal cards to one of your dashboards. See the Goal Cards page for instructions.

Your Goal is set!

You should now have a Goal in place for your security team to monitor and strive for. However, meeting Goal targets involve many smaller tasks. Next, start assigning this work to your team using Remediation Workflow.