Objective: Guide Remediation

You've shared your results with stakeholders and vulnerabilities are being investigated. Now, you have to communicate and monitor the risks that the vulnerabilities pose. In alignment with your organization's best practices, you can integrate InsightAppSec with several tools that help your remediation process.

Monitor progress

You can build custom views of the InsightAppSec data you want to monitor using dashboards. Create a new dashboard or use an existing dashboard as a starting point. Then, add, edit, resize, and rearrange data visualization cards to tailor the data view to you and your organization’s needs.


Integrating with DevOps build, bug tracking, REST API, and release pipeline tools makes tracking remediation easier. Check out our supported integrations:

Test remediation

You can re-run the scan to see whether the vulnerability is found again. If it's found again, you can view the vulnerability details and attempt another fix. If you have the Rapid7 AppSec Chrome Plug-in, you can replay an attack.

Success! You remediated a vulnerability

You have now completed the basics of scanning your public web applications. To scan internal apps, you can add local scan engines.