Resolve Common API Errors

The following table lists and provides resolutions for common error responses, as well as their descriptions and probable causes.

tCell API utilizes Insight Platform API Keys infrastructure for authentication.

HTTP 401 is typically caused when:

- The X-API-Key header is missing.
- The value of the X-API-Key is not a valid API Key for given tcell region.
Provide a valid API Key in X-API-Key per Managing PlatformAPI Keys.
Access Control
HTTP 403 errors are caused by access control violations.

This limitation normally occur when the API Key is a Read-Only User Key and the request is attempting to update the state via PUT, POST, or DELETE.
Increase the underlying role access for user that generated keys per Users & Access or switch to an organization key.
Resource Unavailable / Unknown
HTTP 404 errors are caused when a REST API request attempts to access a request that is unavailable or unknown. These normally occur when:

- The endpoint is not a valid endpoint.
- The endpoint passes a parameter that is not part of the company's resource space, such as an invalid Application ID.
- The endpoint attempts to access a resource in an organization outside the scope of the request's API Key. For security reasons, HTTP 404 is sometimes returned instead of HTTP 403.
Ensure the request URL is valid endpoint with valid parameters and the API Key has correct organization scope.