Encryption (Optional)

This feature allows for an additional level of securing data for sensitive fields, and works by ensuring that the data is encrypted before persisting in our databases. The currently defined sensitive fields are: IPs, usernames, and AppFW payloads.

When the data is received by our input service, we use a company specific key to encrypt, so that all subsequent processing and persistence will not be acting on that data in plain text. Only users with access to the tCell console are able to view the decrypted data. For example, our DB admin querying the DB would only see these encrypted values. This is designed specifically for customers who have compliance needs, such as HIPAA, as well as to meet our BAA agreements.

Note: This feature is a special feature not active in the base service. Notify sales with your list of applicable regulatory standards such as HIPAA or BAA so we can assist you with your compliance needs.