Login Hooks

tCell provides API hooks in order to enable applications to pass data to the tCell service. This is particularly useful when you have custom code, and are not using a framework that the tCell agent is aware of.

API hooks are empty methods that are called at the appropriate points in your application. When a tCell agent is installed with your application, it will populate the method to send the data to the tCell service. When a tCell agent is not present, the method will do nothing. This makes it very convenient for development who may not want tCell running.

Password Hash

The user password is never directly sent to the tCell cloud for privacy reasons. However, if provided to the hooks API and the TCELL_PASSWORD_HMAC_KEY environment variable or password_hmac_key agent config property is set, then a secured hashed password will be sent to cloud. This enhances tCell’s ability to identify attackers using Account Takeover. While not required, if a password field is available, we recommend that clients use it to make Account Takeover more robust.

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