InsightOps Overview

Rapid7 is your operations center for endpoint visibility and infrastructure analytics and combines live endpoint visibility with log analytics, creating one console for total infrastructure awareness.

InsightOps is an easy-to-use log management and analytics service for teams of all sizes. In addition, it provides world-class search capabilities, enhanced log analysis tooling, and the ability to monitor and query the real-time state of your infrastructure.

Log Management

InsightOps allows you to centralize your logs from on-premises systems, the computing cloud, and in-house applications. You can organize your logs using Tags, and use InsightOps' robust Search capabilities to discover precise, contextual information about your infrastructure. You can also set up Alerts to automatically notify you when important events happen within your system.

Data Enrichment

InsightOps automatically enriches your live data with the relevant details needed to identify problems quickly. You can use the InsightOps Collector to normalize your unstructured data automatically into a consistent JSON format.

Use REST API to Automate InsightOps

Meant for power users and advanced users, the REST API is a tool that allows you to automate everything about InsightOps and interact with your InsightOps data programmatically, without using the web interface. For example, you can write a script that runs a query on your log data every ten minutes, or create tags and alerts, and other actions, all with your own custom scripts.

Using the REST API with the Insight Agent will create facsimiles of any followed log from your assets and recreate them in InsightOps. Because this is a type of log forwarding, it is necessary to create an API key for the REST API in order for it to "log in" to InsightOps with the right permissions in order to create new logs.