Credential Settings

Define Credentials

When you are working with the Event Sources, you may need to define Credentials.

  1. On the bottom left of the Home Page panel, click Settings.
  2. Click Credential Settings.
  1. Click the Add Credential button.
  2. You'll see the New Credential dialog.
  1. Enter the credential name in the CREDENTIAL field. If you do not name your Credential, the name defaults to the IP range for that Credential.
  2. Enter the username for the Credential in the NAME field.
  3. Select the verification type from the Type dropdown menu.
  1. If you selected Password, enter the password in the PASSWORD field. If you selected Private Key, enter the private key in the PRIVATE KEY field. If you selected Token, enter the token in the TOKEN/SECRET field.
  2. Click the Deploy Credential button, and the new credential set will appear in the list.