Quick Start Guide


Welcome to InsightOps!

To help you maximize your time, we’ve created a checklist of important capabilities to explore. Click the links below for step-by-step directions to help you get up and running.

Getting Started Checklist:

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How does this all fit together?

InsightOps as a product is to allow you to monitor your information on your terms. The features available for you to use (log search, dashboards, etc.) are for you to analyze data in an efficient, convenient way, and to notice and remediate problems as quickly as possible.

The insight agent gathers the data, and log search helps you find logs that need watching via LEQL queries. Dashboards and reports let you see and share information you've gathered, and visual search puts the overwhelming amount of log data into a form that is easier to understand at a glance. Tags help you identify unusual information right away, and alerts notify you of anything not quite right.