InsightOps and the Insight Platform

What is the Insight Platform?

Rapid7's Insight Platform is a single place for you to manage your Rapid7 product(s) from one place, focused on better user management, product management, and enhanced security to your data. Other products include InsightIDR, InsightVM, InsightAppSec, and other upcoming products.

How does InsightOps fit into the picture?

Because InsightOps is part of the Rapid7 product suite, all users will access it via the Insight Platform.

What InsightOps data is available to the Platform?

While the Insight Platform products share the need of the Insight Agent, each product's Insight Agent has a slightly different use for collecting data and therefore does not share data across products. Data lives inherently within the product itself, not the platform.

How is the communication between the agent and platform secured?

Communication between the Insight Agent and the Insight Platform is authenticated by two-way SSL and is secured by TLS v1.2 with a limited list of ciphers. It will fall back to TLSv1.1 for backwards compatibility.

How does InsightOps communicate with the Platform?

The Rapid7 Insight Platform Collector gathers data from all your network and security event sources in your network, and sends it to the Rapid7 Insight Platform cloud infrastructure which supports InsightOps event aggregation and processing.