Amazon: Logging from EC2

Logging from your EC2 to your InsightOps Account can be achieved via setting up the Insight Agent or Rsyslog to forward your log files to your account. The following steps outline what you need to unlock your log data in EC2.


Logging via the Linux Agent

The Insight Agent on Linux is a simple program that automates the collection and forwarding of log events and provides a range of useful features. It is open source so you can see exactly how it works and modify it to suit your needs if required.

Our helpful Autoscaling guide details how to setup your Linux Agent to allow you to easily deploy it across your infrastructure with a minimal amount of complexity.


Logging via Rsyslog

With the majority of EC2 instances coming installed with Rsyslog it has never been easier to forward your logs using this great tool. With our Rsyslog guide you can get setup in minutes and start forwarding your EC2 logs to your InsightOps Account.